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Workflow Automations Plans and Limits

Workflow Automations is included with Podio Premium Plans (organizations with Podio Premium, Podio Enterprise, or ShareFile Platinum). Additional Users can be added from the main Account page in Workflow Automations.

Plan Features Include:
View Flow Logs and Errors
Create Charts from a Podio Report
Create Chart Images for advanced reporting
Embed Podio data to a webpage using CMS
Collect Referenced Items from Podio relationship fields
Search for Items from another App to a maximum of 999 Items (memory limitations apply)
Collect a Podio View of a saved Team View to a maximum of 999 Items (memory limitations apply)
Create a Detail Table for use in an HTML text box
Use Custom Variables to manipulate Podio data using PHP Calculations
Create and Update Podio Items (notifications must be enabled in the App)
Share a Podio Item to an External User
Assign Tasks to Workspace Members
Send Chat Messages to Podio contacts
Create a Comment on an Item Create PDF's including Referenced data and Images to 25MB max
Make an Excel spreadsheet (memory limitations apply when collecting field data in columns)
Send Emails with a 10MB max to one or a comma-separated list and even integrate with GlobiMail
Set up an External SMTP server for better mail delivery
Attach and Delete Files attached directly to a Podio Item
Capture WebHooks (subject to time-outs, complex calcs should be performed in another flow)
Send SMS Texts (text credits required as messaging rates apply)
Receive SMS Texts and track messages on the Podio Item
Option to run an Houly Flow EVERY HOUR
Manually Run any created workflow on the specified Items
Create Data Feeds in JSON/XML format
Use MySQL to sync your Podio data and an External database (feature is experimental)

Add Integrations
RightSignature to send and return signed documents from Podio
Sharefile to upload and share created PDFs


Hourly actions are reset at the beginning of each hour.
Monthly actions are reset at the beginning of each calendar month.

Flows: 8000 flows per account. We recommend careful clean-up and deletion of flows no longer in use.

Actions: 5,000,000 actions per month. Review and optimize flows in order not to run duplicate automation actions.

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