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Email Messages & SMTP Servers

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Using the Workflow Automations server

When using the Workflow Automations server, ALL emails come from a @automation.podio email address.
This can be changed by assigning an SMTP Server as shown below.
Note: If we allowed changes in sender, most messages would end up in people's spam folder.
Email messages should match the DNS SPF record to ensure deliverability.

There is an option to set a "From Name" and a "Reply-To Address".

For example, if configured with from "John" and reply to "",
then the resulting email message would come from:
"John" < >
And hitting "reply", would reply to: "Reply-To" for email triggers will come from *Any replies to the old email address "" will continue to trigger flows until December 31, 2020. Action Required: Update your spam rules to allow emails from and

Due to Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, all emails sent from the Workflow Automations server will have a footer that reads something like: "This Podio item shared using Workflow Automations. Please report SPAM here."
Note: We take spam complaints very seriously and puts you at risk for deactivation.
To remove this footer, use your own SMTP Server.

Using your own SMTP server

To maximize the deliverability of your emails, we highly suggest specifying an SMTP Server on the "Account" page. This way, all emails sent using a Workflow Automations flow are sent using your own mail server and should avoid the new DMARC spam algorithms being deployed.

You can change these settings from your main account page

Once this SMTP Server has been set up, it will override any reply-to addresses you have in your flow as we no longer have control of the delivery of the email.


  • If you get errors like "Data not accepted" in your logs, it means that the From address in your action is not allowed. Be sure that if you are using an Office365 server that you WILL need to specify a valid FROM address when sending. This is typically the same address as your SMTP credentials.

  • If you are using a Gmail SMTP and are having errors authenticating when setting up your SMTP, be sure that you have turned off Googles 2-step Verification or have generated the correct password to use.

If you are still receiving errors, try creating an App Password:

  • Visit the Google App Passwords page to Generate App Password
  • Select "other (custom name)"
  • Give the password a name (i.e. Podio, Workflow Automation) and hit Generate
  • Copy/Paste this password into the Workflow Automation SMTP Settings. (Recommend using TLS on port 587)
  • For Google support's instructions, please visit here

  • If you are still having errors authenticating, you may need to turn ON access for less secure apps in Google or Google Personal Settings

TLS Podio Workflow Automation service has already deprecated TLS 1.1 (or lower) protocol based connections. Only TLS 1.2 protocol based connections are supported. No action needed by Podio Workflow Automation users.

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