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ShareFile Integration

The ShareFile Integration in Workflow Automations allows you to save generated PDFs in your flows, into your ShareFile folders and directly links them in the Podio item itself.

Please note that a Workflow Automations Account of Gold Level or Higher is required for Integration Use.

Connect Podio to your ShareFile account

If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for a trial account here.

In order to use ShareFile on Workflow Automations, you first need to connect your ShareFile account with Podio. This can be done by visiting the services tab in your Podio account settings. Click on ShareFile's green Connect button.

Note: If you don't connect the above step, you'll receive this error:

Connect GlobiFlow with ShareFile

Once you have connected Podio with ShareFile, you can connect Workflow Automations to ShareFile by clicking on the (Connect) link under Integrations on the main account page.

You'll be taken to a login screen, requesting GlobiFlow to access your ShareFile account. You'll need to enter your ShareFile credentials here.

Reconnect/Disconnect and Refreshing Folder List

Once everything is connected, you will get 3 options beside Citrix ShareFile under the Integrations.

You can either Reconnect or Disconnect your account, or Refresh Folder List. Note: Every time you create a new folder in your ShareFile account, you'll need to refresh Workflow Automations to retrieve the new folders.

You can view an example of using this feature on our ShareFile Lab

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