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Build Excel Sheet

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Use the action Build Excel Sheet to create an .xls file from collected Podio Items.

First, collect the items for the Excel Sheet by using the Get Referenced Items or the Get Podio View

Next, add the Build Excel Sheet action.

Enter the file name and select the Podio App from the previously collected Items. You can choose to Save To the Podio Item or to Sharefile if it is set up.

By default, the excel file is created in .xls format.
To avoid file format errors:

Change the extension to .xlsx when creating the filename.

Choose the specific fields which will be used as columns. You can also choose the sorting order of the table data.


This action MUST be used on a flow that triggers off an item. See a Use Case example in our Lab Experiments

Memory Usage can play a factor when collecting too many Fields (columns) or Items (lines).
See the Plans page for your account level collection limits.

TIP - To Filter Collected Items, use a For Each loop with a Sanity Check and a Clear Collected to remove items from being included in the data set.

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