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Get Podio View

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Use the Get Podio View action to get Items from a Podio View for later use in Actions. Note: When collecting the View in a Flow initiated by a User, dates are returned using the timezone of the User. When the Flow is initiated by a Date, the App returns the view for UTC (since the App itself does not have a timezone)

Similar to the Search for Items collector, but instead of searching on a text or calculation field, Get Podio View allows you to filter your data directly in Podio using a Private View or Team View and have GlobiFlow retrieve only those items that appear in that view.

Note: All field data, comments and files are returned for each found item. If you are receiving a trunicating error or you run out of memory, it is because your App is too large and can not return all the data to GlobiFlow. You will want to better define your search criteria to collect less items.

Create a view in Podio

In Podio, filter your data as you see fit.

Be sure to save your view after filtering your data. You can choose either a Team View or Private View.

Refresh your workspace in GlobiFlow by completing a Refresh from Podio

Team Views

By default, if you choose "The App Itself" as authentication, the only views available will be Team Views.

If you want to choose a Private View, you will need to authenticate with that User in order to select the private view. Along with all available Team Views, all Private Views made under that user account will be available for selection.

Using the Action in the Flow

Select the action Get Podio View and add to your flow.

Select the App and view that you had saved in the previous step.

Note: You will not be able to select your triggering app in Date Field triggered flows. We recommend ensuring your flow triggers on the items you need to process to avoid duplication and excessive load.

You can limit how many items to get from the view. We will limit the view to 5 for this example.

Field Tokens for the Podio items in the View selected are available for use.

This view is also an option in the For Each Loop or even Update Collected action.

In the following example, we will use our saved Podio View called "Video Cards" and Create a HTML Detail Table from our items that appear in our Podio view, then Create a PDF from the data.

Note: You don't necessarily need to use the view from the same app as your current flow. You can retrieve any view from any app and use it inside any flow. Though some actions may not have permissions to perform those actions on those items, such as adding a relationship to that item from your current flow's app

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