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RightSignature Integration

The RightSignature Integration allows you to send PDF documents to be legally signed and retrieve them once all parties have signed.

Connect Workflow Automations

If you don't have a RightSignature account yet, you can sign up for a trial account here: RightSignature

Once you have an account, click on the (Connect) link under Integrations on the main Account page for the Interface on your RightSignature account.

  • New RightSignature Interface

  • Original RightSignature Interface (Upgrade to the New RightSignature is recommended)

You'll be taken to a login screen, requesting GlobiFlow to access your RightSignature account. Simply click on Grant Access to continue.

Once RightSignature has been connected, you will get 2 options beside RightSignature under the Integrations.

If you're having issues or have changed accounts, you can reconnect to your RightSignature account at any time.

Note: To set signer sequencing, this must be done on the RightSignature side.

How to Use the Integration

Send a RightTemplate to RightSignature

Send a File for signature(s) via RightSignature

When using Templates see Text Tags to automate creating documents.

Learn how to Retrieve the Signed Document

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