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Advanced Charting Actions

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Advanced Charts can be added to any Create or Update action to update an Image field on a Podio Item.

Chart Types include:

  • Line - displays quantitative data, best for a continuous graph
  • Area - similar, based on the line chart
  • Horizontal & Vertical Bar - work best for categorical data
  • Stacked Bar - similar, best for a cumulative total
  • Pie - generally used to show percentage or proportional data of 6 categories or less
  • Gauge - show information as a reading on a dial (speedometer)
  • Gantt - illustrate the start and finish dates of elements in a project
  • Pyramid - best used to show hierarchical structure, as well as quantity or size
  • Funnel - using multiple groupings in an ordered set to show the proportions among them
  • Sparkline - a line chart, typically drawn without axes or coordinates, to show a trend in a series of data

Once the Chart Type is chosen, the Chart Settings become available

  1. Choose the Data Source. Select Manual Token List to manually input data and use tokens OR Collected Items to select an items field from a previously collected set of data.

  2. Choose the Label. Create a comma separated list from multiple field tokens OR choose a field from the drop down menu to use for Labels.

  3. Using Series 1, chart the first set of data. Give the Series a Name. Then, create a comma separated list using the Manual Token List data set, otherwise choose the field that holds that data to chart on the Collected Item. Even customize the Series Color and Symbol.

  4. Choose Add Series to add multiple sets of data on the same Chart.

Other Settings include:

  • Title
  • Design
  • Plot Area
  • Labels
  • Legend

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