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Webhooks allow you to post form data to a special link that Workflow Automations can receive and use for further use inside your apps. It's an easy way to have you own form interact with Workflow Automations and Podio.

To create a new webhook, select Webhooks from your flow tree and add a New Webhook Flow.

Initially, your Webhook has no data to use, so you first must post data to that URL stated inside that webhook.

You can use your own webform, but can also use other services such as JotForm that allow you to post to this Webhook URL.

After posting data to the URL, you can click on the (refresh) link to retrieve the latest posted data to the Webhook URL.

These fields will now be available for use as tokens in your flow. The token names will be what the name of the input field for that form.


Any files will automatically be attached to the item on the first Create Item, Update Collected, or Comment on Collected action in the flow. Your files need to be posted to you webhook URL as multipart form-data.

There are no tokens available for these attached files inside these webhook flows. You will need to create a flow on the app itself to retreieve the file names attached to your items.


Webhooks do not have any correlation with any Podio Apps. This means you'll need to either Create a New Item, or Search for an Item in an app using the information posted to the Webhook. Features such as Get Reference Items will not be available inside Webhook.

HTTPS: If you are posting data from a secure connection (HTTPS), you will need to modify the URL of the Workflow Automations webhook you are posting to. The format for this is[hook-code] . Replace [hook-code] with code from your webhook flow.

Payloads have a 64kb limit. Workflow Automations will still accept payloads over that size, but the data will be truncated, which may result in a malformed payload that results in no trigger/actions being performed.

Please take a look at our Blog Post on Implementing a Payment Form for another example.

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