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Using Custom Variables

Use Custom Variable/Calc to create variables and perform calculations from a Podio Field for later use in another Field or Field Type.

NOTE: Do not use special characters in Token Names as these can cause issues with HTML and PHP code resulting in a broken token.

For example, a Podio Date Field will return the date in the format of "dd-month-YYYY" (14 Sep 2015). If you want to output this date format differently, creating a Custom Variable is required.

First, select the flow Trigger and add selected Filters

Next, add a Custom Variable/Calc and write the PHP Calculation required. These Variables always needed to be created BEFORE the action they are being used in.

The preview will show the formatted date. Please note the UI doesn't calculate previous Variable bricks when showing in the preview so you may not see the result you want and will need to run the flow to test.

Add the Make A PDF action.

Using the Token Selector, select the Custom Variable and insert into the PDF

The value returned in the PDF invoice will be the the formatted value

See a list of PHP Calc Examples

Check your calculations using a Podio Items data using Simulate Vars

See this in action in our Blog post Create a PDF Invoice with a Table of Detail Line Items

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