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The Sanity Check

With the GlobiFlow design, Filters determine if a flow should run. When there are conditions required on collected items or even after completed actions, an If Statement can be set up on the flow. Use the Sanity Check to start the statement and close it using the </> End If action.

Use the IF(Sanity Check) to create a custom evaluation in PHP notation to determine if the flow should continue to run after collecting referenced data.

For example: App A called "Clients" has client info with a category field for AR Status. App B & C are in a different Workspace. App B holds the Collection records and App C holds Invoices.

Invoice Items reference Collections which references the Client record. We want to create a flow to run on a date field within Invoices for 30 day finance charges but to only clients who are in the "Chase @ 30" AR status.

First, add the Get Referenced Item(s) action and connect it to App A

Then add the Sanity Check. Think of this as a filter written out in a PHP equation. Don't forget to use the token selector for variables.

Add the Action required for your work flow.

Multiple If Statements can be placed into a flow by using the End IF action.

Need to test the calculation?? Run a check using Podio Item data and the feature Simulate Vars

Did you know you can also use the Sanity Check to check for Flow Errors?

Add a Sanity Check as the Final Step in the flow. Using a PHP Calculation and the Error Token, create a calculation to check that the error code is not empty.

Add a action to perform when there is an error, for example, a Comment Action.

Don't forget to close your If Statement with an End IF

Now, any time the flow runs, creating an error, a comment will be added to the item.

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