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For Each Item

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Use the For Each to execute actions on each (Ref) Item retrieved in a previous step using a Collector. This can be used to send separate emails, create separate pdf's, etc - each with the content of only 1 referenced Item.

A Collector can be one of the following:

You can also use the For Each to loop through the selected options on a Multi-line Category, Email or Phone field, or even on the Title fields from the Items in the specified Relationship field or Task.

For example: We have created a Podio App called RSVP (App A) and a Contact App (App B). We have added a Relationship Field in the RSVP App B which references the Contacts App A. The goal is to send an email to EACH referenced Contact on the list. (This example is not to be confused with the default Podio Contacts)

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add Get Referenced. Set to App B to collect Contact info.

Next, add the For Each. Select the Referenced Items required for each action step.

Note: If you are using Collected data in your actions below, be sure to use the Referenced Item from your Relationship field. Using the specific relationship field is used to collect only the Title Field from the Items in this field.

Finally, add Send Email. Using the token selector for unique item data, set up the fields for the email template. (Remember, for the sake of this example, we selected a single line Text Field called Email Address and not a Podio Contact email)

The result: If a created meeting in RSVP has 3 contacts, this flow would send 3 separate emails.

More actions can be completed on the current item after the emails are sent. Add the </> Continue and then then add the next set of Actions required in your workflow.

Did you know that you can build a custom table using a For Each loop. See the </> Continue article for more information.

You can also complete this loop, inside another loop using a Nested For Each loop.

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