Labs: Podio Workflow Automation Experiments & Tutorials

A very undocumented feature of Podio is the ability to use Rich Text in many fields. The system that Podio implemented is called MarkDown.

There are instances in our Workflows where Actions need to be delayed before they complete.

Instead of assigning tasks to individual users, it's often better to assign tasks to roles instead.

It's easy to create a contract as a PDF and get a legally-binding signature via your RightSignature account.

Just like with an auto-responder, you can send a boilerplate email sequence after x days.

You can now save a generated PDF to your linked Citrix ShareFile account, instead of only in Podio.

There are many times you may need to send the same boilerplate email to multiple customers.

Large email attachments do not travel well via email but using a hosted service for files can help.

How to differentiate items collected from multiple Get Referenced actions into the same Podio App.

Since you can only have one Webform per Podio App, and Webforms cannot accept payment, here's an easy work-around using JotForm and GlobiFlow Webhooks.