Labs: Podio Workflow Automation Experiments & Tutorials

How to perform regular mass mailings from Podio using GlobiFlow, like newsletters, etc.

Podio has a great feature called email-to-app. This let's you send emails to a Podio App, which in turn create new items. But what if you want to turn a specific email in your INBOX into a new item in a specific Podio App?

Very often it's desirable to see a visualization of a project's timeline in a gantt chart. With our new charting features, this can quite easily be done.

Sometimes we want to reassign items to new users by simply clicking a button. Creating a round robin allow us to cycle through users easily and automatically.

Although a dedicated tasks app in Podio is a good thing, there are still situations where Podio's native tasks are preferable because they're quick and centrally located.

Sometimes you want to quickly bulk-edit an app's data in a spreadsheet view.

I have been tracking my health and physical activities in Podio for years now. After 30 days with the Fit Bit, I went back to my Podio App.

How to create an Excel file of your Podio data and send it via email on a monthly basis.

This is a real-world scenario we use to automatically generate PDF reports with charts embedded in them automatically.

There are many remote services that return useful or fun images for use in Podio.