Round Robin Assigning Tasks to Users in Podio

Posted: 2016-07-02

Sometimes we want to reassign items to new users by simply clicking a button. Creating a round robin allow us to cycle through users easily and automatically. How do we go about doing that?


In order to create a round robin, we'll need to create a dedicated users app that will contain all our users that we will cycle through. Create a basic app with a contact field and a category field for status.

Next, we will create a Podio View with all the users.

Flow Details

Once a Refresh from Podio has been completed, the workflows can be created.

First, create a new flow on our app where we want to reassign a new user. We will update the new user when we update our "Re-Assign" category field.

Next, we'll want to get our Podio View of all the users and set up our custom variables.

We'll then loop through our users and find the current user and next user custom variables while clearing any current item with the status "Next User":

Next, we'll make sure that the NextUser has a value, or else use the FirstUser value instead. We'll loop through our Users again and update our new user as our Next user as well as update our Task item with our new user.


Now, when Re-Assign is clicked, the task will be assigned to the next user, in a round robin fashion.

Of course, you can change the trigger of the flow to suit your needs, eg on item creation, to assign each new item to the next person.

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.