Podio Workflow Automation Use Cases: Project Management in Podio

Podio is a great tool for managing your projects. However, there can be a lot of data moving around, and a project's success depends on acting on the right data at the right time. With Podio workflow automation you can automate your project management processes and enforce data compliance easily.

Project Manager or Project Hero? Which do you want to be?

New Projects

  • When a new project is created, send out the standard welcome letter via email to the customer.
  • When the project manager references all the required deliverable types to the project item and changes the status to "in progress", automatically create all the required deliverable items for each deliverable type and link them to the project.

Help Desk

  • When a new Support Request is created, search for all employees in the employees app that are technicians, and assign the support ticket to the employee with the lowest utilization.
  • When a technician adds a comment to a support ticket, send an email to the customer with the details of the comment and link to view the ticket online.
  • When a customer replies to a support email, set the ticket status back to "assigned".

Work in Progress

  • When the total timesheet hours on the project exceeds 50% of the project budget, create a task for the project manager to perform a review.
  • Every weekday for each employee, if the employee's total timesheet hours is less than 8, send a message to the employee to update their timesheet.
  • If the total timesheet hours exceeds the project budget, create a task for the project manager to immediately intervene and a message to the director.
  • When a deliverable progress is updated, update the project progress to be the average of all deliverables.
  • When a new proof is added to a project, assign a task to the project manager to approve it.
  • When the project progress is changed to 50% or higher, create a PDF invoice for the intermediate payment, and send the invoice to the customer via email.
  • If the current date is 3 days before the project due date and the project progress is less than 90%, assign a task to the project manager informing him thereof.
  • When the project status is changed to "go live", create a PDF invoice for the final payment, and send the invoice to the customer via email.

GlobiFlow - a must have for advanced Podio users and implementation consultants

GlobiFlow provides great extensions to the functionality of Podio, including visualizations of reports, advanced workflows, and PDF creation.
- Bill Carovano, Sr. Director, Product Management at Citrix

Great addition

The Application has become indispensable in my operation. I utilize a trigger in one app to move all of the relevant details into others, then update fields and add comments so that I know where it has been triggered from.
- Kelly B Johnson, CMA, Owner at Westcan HVAC Sales Ltd