Podio Workflow Automation Use Cases: Accounting & Finance in Podio

If you use Podio to track your corporate accounts and finances, you'll know how invaluable Podio's flexibility is. However, there are a lot of numbers involved that need to add up and adhere to certain rules, and often are time-sensitive. Using Podio workflow automation you can easily visualize and police your financial data, while automating your accounting processes.

Make sure your Numbers add up without the Hassle.


  • When a work order is approved, create a PDF invoice and send it to the customer via email.
  • If a customer account is overdue, send an email to the customer every 10 days with the details of their balance.
  • If a customer is 90 days overdue, assign a task to the accountant to move the customer to collections and assign a task to the support team to suspend services.
  • On the 1st of each month, collect all timesheet records with a billing org, and send an email report to the accountant with the billed hours per per billing org.


  • When a new PO item is created, create a PDF version of the PO and email it to the vendor.
  • If a bill is 30 days overdue, assign a task to the accountant.

Month End

  • On the 1st of each month, collect all timesheet records and vaction records, and create the initial payroll items for the previous month with these totals pre-filled.
  • Every three months, create new payroll remittance and sales tax items for the previous period and assign a task to the accountant to complete them. When a remittance item is marked as completed, create a PDF remittance for the period and attach it to the item.

GlobiFlow - a must have for advanced Podio users and implementation consultants

GlobiFlow provides great extensions to the functionality of Podio, including visualizations of reports, advanced workflows, and PDF creation.
- Bill Carovano, Sr. Director, Product Management at Citrix

Great addition

The Application has become indispensable in my operation. I utilize a trigger in one app to move all of the relevant details into others, then update fields and add comments so that I know where it has been triggered from.
- Kelly B Johnson, CMA, Owner at Westcan HVAC Sales Ltd