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Add User to ShareFile Folder

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The Add User to ShareFile Folder in Workflow Automations allows you to add additional users to folders on your ShareFile account so they may have access to those folders. You can add a new user via email address to any ShareFile folder.


We want to add a Contact to a new folder using a text field for our folder name.

You'll need to specify which folder, first name, last name, and the email address of the user. We will use fields tokens to fill these out.
Note: If the email address is coming from a Podio item, you may need to strip out headers. See Email Field

For Folder Selection, you can use Specific Folder if the folder already exsits in your ShareFile account, or else if you are creating the folder with Create New ShareFile Folder, you can use the same name/tokens for the Sub-Folder Name, which we are.

Our action will then then add that Contact as a user to that folder.

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