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Create New ShareFile Folder

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You can create a new ShareFile folder directly in your flows using the Create ShareFile Folder action. This is useful if the new folder you need has a dynamic name or requires the use of field tokens.


When a new contract item is created in our app, we want to create a subfolder under our "Contracts" folder using the first and last name fields.

First, you'll need a parent folder. Create the parent folder in your ShareFile account and Refresh Folder List from the main Account page under the Integrations.

Then add the correct tokens for the folder name.

The folder will be created in your ShareFile account when the action runs.

If the folder exists, you will get an error in you logs stating that the folder with that name already exists

The following characters cannot be used as part of the folder name and will be converted by ShareFile:
\ / : ; * ? " < > |
Create a Custom Variable to accommodate these changes

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