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Getting Started with Workflow Automations

You can find the updated article here

Workflow Automations was created to work alongside Podio to automate common tasks, create visuals of reports and even police your data. Creating Tasks, PDF reports, Emails and SMS messages are just a few of the many Features that Workflow Automations can accomplish for you.

Once you have signed up for Workflow Automations, you will be directed to the Account Page. It is recommended to use only ONE (1) Workflow Automations account per Enterprise. Add Additional Users to specify other Podio Users who can access the Account. See Account Settings for more information on Subscription Details.

To start building automations go to the My Flows page. To see Workspaces in the Flow Tree, the Podio user must be an Admin member of the App, than flows can be created and modified. Flows can be created in multiple Workspaces and/or Organizations.
By clicking Expand All at the bottom of the page, you will see all your available Podio Apps.

Keep in mind that Workflow Automations is not directly attached to your Podio Spaces. In order to see a Workspace in the Flow Tree, the logged in User must be an Admin member and there must be Apps in the workspace. If these spaces are not shown on the Flow Tree, complete a Refresh from Podio to perform an authorised update of your spaces.

Workflow Automations' possibilities are endless by creating simple and complex flows. What kind of flow do you need? Ask yourself, what do you need it to do.

  1. Which Podio app do you need to run the workflow on and how is it triggered?
    This is your Trigger.

  2. What criteria must the item meet for the workflow to run?
    These are your Filters.

  3. Do you need to collect data from another app for this workflow?
    These are called Collectors in Actions.

  4. Do you want to manipulate your collected data before it is used?
    This is called Logic in Actions.

  5. What is the end result you want to achieve?
    This is your performing Action.

Do a test drive and learn how to complete My First Flow here

A few helpful areas of interest are:
Be sure to check out the main account page. Make sure to check out the following:

  1. Join Our Workspace: Join other Podio users in the Workflow Automations workspace. This community not only exchanges ideas but will get you instant access to help, tips and FAQ's. Note: If you find you are getting too many notifications, you can always Unfollow the activity by scrolling to the bottom of the Workspace stream.

  2. Examples: Click here for real life examples of workflows.

  3. Blog: Check out our blog for documentation on New Features and walk throughs on how to use our product.

  4. Help Center: Look here for Frequently Asked Questions and help with everyday tasks.

  5. Support: Got a request or problem, contact us by submitting the details via an online form.

  6. Podio Super Menu: Add this Chrome Extension for one-click access to all your favorite Podio Apps, Workspaces and even your Workflows.

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