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Account Settings

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Your Workflow Automations account is created using the Podio email address associated with your UserID. You must be logged into Podio in the same browser as Workflow Automations to grant authorization.
Podio Sponsored Plans require the Podio Contract Holder to create the Account.
We do not store any personal information or passwords. If at any time you update your Podio email, your Workflow Automations account will be updated automatically. Log out and back in to verify.

You will only require ONE (1) Workflow Automations account per Enterprise. As long as this main Podio user is an Admin member of the App, flows can be created and modified in multiple Workspaces and/or Organizations.
Additional Users can be added to the account from the main Account page. These users login "On behalf of" the main account holder and can also edit and create flows in any App they are an Admin member of.

To change the Contract Holder User:

First, add the new email address as an Additional User to the account and have them Log-In to create a valid authorization. Then, submit a Support Ticket requesting the change to the new email address.
Note: When submitting your request by email, be sure to include the main email address associated with the account, the reason this user cannot submit a ticket, as well as the new email account you want to change to.

To change your Time Zone:

Workflow Automations collects your Time Zone from Podio at time of sign up. If you change this at any time, send in a Support Ticket with a screenshot of the chosen Time Zone.
Note: This change would affect all flows that have date based data calculations.

To print your Invoices & Receipts:

Go to your Podio account page and in the upper right corner go to your profile icon. From the drop down, select Billing (note: this is for admins only) for a history of all payments. To change your billing details, go to the Billing details tab.

To Cancel your account:

As a Podio Sponsored Plan member, you do not need to cancel your account in Workflow Automations. Your subscription is included with your Podio payment. If you downgrade Podio from the Premium level, you will lose access to Workflow Automations.

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