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Actions Remaining

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Action Count is dependant on your Plan Size. If you want your flows to know how many available actions are left for the remaining hour or month, you can use the following field tokens:

This will return the current number of actions remaining. This is useful if you want a flow to stop if there isn't a sufficient amount of actions remaining to complete the flow. Here are some ways you can use these tokens:

As a Filter:

As a Sanity Check:

In this example, we will collect all the daily tasks and loop through each one and if there are available actions and the Task isn't completed yet, we will send a message to the assigned user.

Depending on where you place these Action Remaining tokens, it can help prevent flows from using up all available actions that could be allocated for other important flows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Action Counts do not correspond with your Subscription Date.

Hourly actions are reset at the beginning of each hour.
Monthly actions are reset at the beginning of each calendar month.

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