Podio Timesheets done Right

Posted: 2013-12-07

Globi Web Solutions is a Web Design, Development, and Marketing Agency in Calgary, Canada. We use Podio to manage pretty much everything in the business (except accounting), but one of the main business areas that Podio helps us in, is Project Development, and Maintenance Work.

Since we bill maintenance by the hour, and calculate project profitability by hours used on a project, timesheets are one of the most important elements in the business. Every developer has to account for their 8 hour day, and track time spent on work in high detail.

All current Podio Timesheet apps seem to fail to deliver, because of the lack of control and reporting. Although it's easy enough to allow employees to input their time into an app, we needed a more robust method to be able to see total time used on a project or work order, and total hours recorded by employees on a per-employee and per-day basis. Since people seem to hate entering timesheets, it's imperative to be able to police this area diligently.

Some of the highlights of this implementation are:

  • Each employee has a time card created for them every week day
  • Employees record time against Projects, Deliverables, Work Orders, or Tasks
  • Time logged is automatically rolled up to the total at the Project, Deliverables, and Work Orders level
  • Reports show detailed time logged per employee per day

In this video, we show this interesting real-world automation on a set of demo data:

And, as always, here are the GlobiFlow for Podio recipes to achieve this automation:

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.