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Trigger by a Date Field

These can be used to keep track of late items, remind you of upcoming items, creating daily or weekly reports and much more. Note: Date based flows run on cached items and are scheduled trigger at midnight in your time-zone. Please try to limit Apps with Date Flows to less than 5000 items for optimal run time and to avoid time-outs. It is also a good idea to go in a re-save these flows once per month to force a refresh of the cached items.

Be sure that any action, in other flows, that update this date field has the Hook Event turned ON. Also, the Podio App Settings should NOT be set to disable notifications. This will ensure Workflow Automations is always notified of new items and updates in the App.

Please note these flows are processed in order of previously recorded run time.
This prevents long and slow running flows from affecting other users.

For example, this type of flow can be used when an Item is 60 days overdue and we want to create a new Item in a task App to send out finance charges.

  1. Select Flow to Trigger on Date Field

  2. Add any Filters that are required for an Item to run (if any). For date based flow, the top 'red' filter brick MUST be true in order to continue. Using an Equal To check is recommended. Filters determine what conditions must be met in order to proceed, and will return a more precise set of results.

  3. Add a Custom Variable
    Note: This is a required step in this example to format the number field value returned from Podio in order to insert into a text field. Get Help with Calculations

  4. Add Action bricks for steps that you wish to complete

This will create a new Item in a Task App that has been created in the Podio Workspace.

If the date in the Date Field (chosen in the pink filter) will be in the past when the flow triggers, this is a filter of - days.
If the date is in the future, the filter would be + days.

For the above Example, when an item is 60 days overdue, the Date Field for the Invoice Due Date would be 60 days in the past.
Due Date (Date Field) - February 16, 2016
Triggers on April 16, 2016 (60 days after the due date)

Learn more about triggering recurring flows in our Blog Post, Running a Flow Every Week

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