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Trigger an Email Reply

To handle Email Replies via GlobiFlow, select Email Reply when creating a new flow.

This Flow must be used in reply of the Send Email action in another flow created in the SAME App. Be sure that this Send Email action is set to Trigger another Flow with replies or this Email Reply trigger will not fire as nothing will be received in the App

Start the flow by selecting the Email Reply type.
NOTE: Email Attachments will be included with the Email Body token in the below action.

Add any Filters required.

Then add an Action step, using Field Tokens to create your desired result.

  • Use the Comment action to create a comment when en email reply is received to the item that sent the email.
    File Attachments will be attached within the comment.

  • Use the Update Item or Create Item action to place the email reply into a Multi Line Text Field within the item.
    File Attachments will be attached directly to the Podio Item.

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