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Trigger a SMS Text Reply

Step One: Configure ClickSend Inbound Rule

Note: This step is only necessary one time during the initial integration setup of your own ClickSend account. If you are only using Workflow Automations purchased/comped credits and do not have your own ClickSend account integrated you may skip to the next step.

  1. In ClickSend, navigate to SMS > Settings > Inbound SMS Settings.
  2. Click "Add New Rule".
  3. "Dedicated Number" select "Any" unless you have a dedicated number for Workflow Automations, in which case select the appropriate number.
  4. "Rule Name" enter any name you wish, this is for your reference only.
  5. "Match for" select "Any Message"
  6. "Action" select "URL"
  7. "URL" enter "" (without quotes)
  8. Check "Enabled" and click Add

Step Two: SMS Text Reply Trigger

To handle SMS Text replies, select SMS Text Reply when creating a new flow.
(Must be used in conjunction with the Send SMS Text action.)

There are 2 tokens that are available for use in your flow: 1. SMS FROM Number 2. SMS Message.

The SMS FROM Number is a random available SMS number provided by the SMS service Workflow Automations uses. They are unique to each item in Podio. If a SMS text sent to the same recipient, on separate podio items, they will be received by the recipient from different numbers. All replies back to the recipient will be received via the unique number.

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