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Exporting and Importing Flows

Using the Export All and Import Bulk feature will allow you to export All Flows to .xml and then re-import them into the destination account or workspace. See Bulk Actions for help with exporting multiple flows.

You can also now Share your Created Flow Automations with other Workflow Automations users using Flow Publishing

Export All

Select the Workspace from the Flow Tree that you wish to export flows from. Select Export All

This will export all the Flows from the selected workspace into a .zip folder. Each flow is labelled by it's ID number.

Import Bulk

Select the Workspace from the Flow Tree that you wish to import the flows in to. Select Import Bulk

Choose the file to Import by selecting the .zip folder and select Import.

The flows will be imported in the pop up box. Errors will need to be corrected here as well.
Note: Zoom in on your browser window to get a better view of the flow.

Warning: Importing Flows into different apps may not match fields perfectly. Please check all your fields, especially inserted field tokens.

Export from App

Use Bulk Actions to Export MULTIPLE Flows at an App Level. This will export the selected flows as a .zip file which can then be imported into the selected workspace, using the Import Bulk above. If a SINGLE flow is selected, an .xml file will be exported. This can be imported directly into the destination App.

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