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Delete Item Tasks

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Use the Delete Item Tasks action to delete any and/or all OPEN tasks on a Podio Item

WARNING This is permanent and cannot be un-done.

Select the Flow Trigger and add any required Filters

Add the Get Item Task(s) action.

Set up a For Each loop and a Sanity Check IF only specific tasks should be selected.

Add the Delete Item Tasks action to your Flow to delete the OPEN tasks.

This can be useful when needing to update a task, recreate it with the new details and then delete it.


When the Employee assigned to a Work Order Item is changed, all Open Tasks must be updated to reflect this update. Unfortunately we cannot update an open task, so it must be deleted and re-created.

For this example, we set the filter to be anytime the Assigned To (workspace contact field) is changed and is not empty.

When the filters match, the flow Get Items Tasks and performs a For Each loop, for each task, creating a New Task with the updated information and deleting the old one.

This will ensure that the open tasks are assigned to the correct employee.

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