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Creating Data Feeds

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A Data Feed is useful if you want to use your Podio data in 3rd party applications.

Data feeds in Workflow Automations come in 3 different formats;

  • XML
  • JSON
  • Serialized array

To create a Data Feed click on Add New to display the drop down menu. Select New CMS from the menu.

Select the format you need your data returned in. You'll want to check your 3rd party app that you will be using the data in first to see which format you can use.

Select each fields that you need data from. These are the only fields that will appear in your Data Feed.

You may also filter the data even further be adding PHP IF statement logic.

Once you have saved the flow, copy and paste the URL into your 3rd party app.

Action Usage

Every time your Data Feed is accessed, it will count as one (1) action towards your action limits. Be sure that the 3rd party application you are using your Data Feed in, is not refreshing too often or you may exceed your hourly action limit quickly.

Warning: In order to allow various 3rd party applications to access your Data Feed, the Data Feed itself will need to be publicly accessible. If your data has sensitive information, it is highly recommended that you do not share the URL of your Data Feed with anyone or else your data may become compromised. You should also take precaution as some 3rd party applications may reveal the URL of your Data Feed insecurely. It is best to check first the security behind the 3rd party application you will be using.

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