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Share a Podio Item

Use Share Item to share a Podio Item with an external contact.

This contact will be able to interact with the Item by commenting, editing the item, liking the item or its comments, and other types of interactions however they will not have access to the whole App or Workspace.

Learn more about Sharing a Single Item in the Podio Help

Please note: The share item action cannot be done by the app, and therefore requires a Workflow Automations user. The user you choose must also be an Admin Member of the Workspace.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add the Share Item action. Choose the email address to share the item with. For this example, we are selecting a single line Text Field from a referenced App which contains the email address. Select the Workspace Member you want these Items to come from and write your template message using field tokens for unique data.

The shared contact will receive an email

The Podio Item can now be edited and commented on by the shared user

Note: Sharing an item with Read-Only access is a feature that is only available with Podio Plus and Premium plans.

See this in action in our blog post: Share Podio Item with External Users

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