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Make a PDF

Use Make a PDF to create a new PDF file and attach it to the Podio Item.

For example, for a marketing campaign, you can set up a standard PDF welcome letter to send to prospective clients. Every time you add a new Company to this marketing list, this welcome letter will be created and attached to this Company record.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add the Make a PDF action.

Add your title, making it unique by adding field tokens
Note: To prevent issues, GF sanitizes filenames, so there is no way to have capitals, spaces, or special characters.

Select your paper size and orientation

Now create the PDF body. Headers and Footers can also be created. You can format the text, add bullets, images and links as well as change the source code for more formatting options. Click

Note: Keep in mind that your total file size should not exceed 25MB.
For larger files, we recommend Saving the File to the ShareFile Integration.

Change the way the data is output using Custom Variables
Find php calculation examples HERE

Add Page Numbers:

  • Add Page {PAGENO} of {nbpg}
  • Can be added to the Header or Footer

Add Page Breaks:

  • Add a Custom Variable collector with "<pagebreak />"
  • Add this created Custom Variable token into the PDF

Insert Image:

  • Select the image button on the format toolbar
  • Enter address of public image and click OK

See this PDF in action in our blog post Create a PDF Invoice

One of our users posted this YouTube video to illustrate

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