Creating an Un-Editable App

Posted: 2014-07-12

When creating a new App, Podio's advanced settings have the option to not let members of the workspace edit items in the app. However, admin users can, and all users can always edit items that they created.

Solution Explained

When creating an archive app, members should not be able to edit or add data to any field. We want to set permissions for the manager to be the only one able to make changes. With GlobiFlow we can set a flow to revert an updated field back to the previous revision. We can also set a filter for only a specified user or users to make changes.

Flow Details

1 . Set up a new flow to trigger upon update

2 . Add a Filter for a creator/editor (if needed)

3 . Add a Collector to Get Previous Revision

4 . Add an Action to Update the Ticket

5 . Add the fields you wish to make un-editable

*NOTE: Be sure to un-check the hook feature to avoid multiple loops.

Complete Flow Example

Now, if anyone other than Angela makes a change, it will be undone instantly. Of course you could also add an action to send a message to the user who made the change to not do this again in the future :-)

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.