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Trigger on New Comment

Trigger a flow to run on a new comment on a Podio Item.

For this example, when a comment is added to an Item in App A, copy this comment to the Referenced Item in App B.
Be sure that within your item template, App A has a Relationship Field referencing App B for this to work.
Note: Comments must be transferred into a text field of the new item. They cannot be added as new comments.

  1. Select Flow to Trigger on New Comment in App A

  2. No Filter will be selected as we want this to run every time a comment is added.

  3. Add the Get Referenced Item collector brick and select App B for the destination of the comments
    Note: This is required to collect the already entered data from the destination field.

  4. Add Action brick to Update Referenced Item. Select the App B reference and the Text Field to update.
    Using the Calc field, write a PHP calculation to copy the new comment to the text field.

    Note: If you only drop in the All Comments token, this text field will be overwritten and any previous text will be lost

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