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Flow Version History

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You can use the Flow Version History to view previous version of the flow when changes you have made. This is extrememly helpful when a change made to a flow is causing errors and you want to revert to the previous flow.

To view a past version of a flow, select the date of when you had saved that revision from the dropdown list to the left of the flow.

This will open up a new browser tab with the Previous Version of the flow. It will have a warning on the top of the page stating that This is a previous version of a currently open flow - Saving this screen will create a new flow. Saving this flow will not overwrite your original flow that has the latest changes.

Don't forget to remap fields or update missing tokens

If any of your options are unset or have missing tokens, this is most likely because there has been a change in Podio fields or users that no longer exist. Flow Version History will not recover changes made to Podio fields or users. Be sure to review the flow before saving.

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